Sep 30, 2019

Friend Day November 3

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Every day is Friend Day. Yet just like we set aside the second Sunday in May to remember moms and the fourth Thursday of November to celebrate Thanksgiving, November 3 at Woolsey Baptist Church is a special Sunday to invite people to church.

Woolsey Baptist Church exists to glorify God by knowing Christ and making him known. We long to see lives transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Making this purpose and vision become a reality, we must engage people in gospel conversations that move from the temporal to the timeless.

To help us engage more people, consider the following questions:

  1. Who do you know in this community that is not, to the best of your knowledge, a follower of Jesus? Try to write down five people’s names.
  2. Who do you know in this community that does not regularly attend a Bible-believing church? Like before, try to write down five people’s names. Likely there will be some overlap with your first list and this one.

Now, complete the next three exercises:

  1. From your first two list of names (unbelievers and unchurched), write down the names of people that you have prayed for by name within the past week.
  2. From your first two list of names, write down the names of people that you have personally invited to join you at church within the past month.
  3. From your first two list of names, write down the names of people with whom you have shared the plan of salvation within the past year.

For some, this exercise will bring great joy, as you look back and rejoice over God-given opportunities to pray for people’s souls, invite them to church, and talk with them about eternity. If so, pray for God’s grace to keep faithfully proclaiming the good news!

For others, this activity will be a painful reminder that you have not invited people to church or engaged them in gospel conversation. If you could write down five unsaved people and five unchurched people, but could not also write them down as people you have prayed for and invited to church and witnessed to, then ask for God-sized compassion for them and pray for grace to be obedient today!

And sadly, for a few, it may highlight an absence of relationships with unbelievers. If you could not think of unsaved or unchurched people, pray for God to open your eyes. And then, as you are out-and-about, walk slower, put your phone aside, and look for people to engage in conversation.

All of us could be helped by not overlooking those people we cross paths with daily that still need Jesus: children, neighbors, teammates, co-workers, and classmates!

No matter where you are, let’s aim to write down more names by the end of October than today. And who knows, maybe God will allow you or I to lead someone to Jesus!

Praying with you,