Oct 30, 2019

Friend Day Challenge!


Let’s rejoice and give thanks to the Lord for last Sunday’s Fall Festival! I am thankful to each person who prayed, donated, volunteered, and invited people to attend. This outreach event is a truly a team effort!

As we look ahead to this coming Sunday, I invite you to pray for Friend Day. Every Sunday is Friend Day at Woolsey. But this Sunday, November 3, is a special Sunday to remember to invite friends and pray that the Lord will bring guests to join us!

  • Do you know people that are not actively involved in a local church?
  • Have you prayed for God’s blessings and protection over them?
  • Have you personally invited them to be your guests on November 3?

Alongside praying for and inviting guests, will you make an extra effort this Sunday to talk less to your friends and more to our guests? Thankfully, many of us share deep and lasting friendships within our church family. According to the New Testament, meaningful relationships characterize healthy churches. However, New Testament Christians also go out of their way to encounter and engage with unbelievers.

Here’s a challenge for this Sunday, November 3: will you engage someone this Sunday that you do not know? If you are willing to take this challenge, start by asking the Lord to grant you a friendly smile and compassionate heart. And then, introduce yourself and ask someone, “What is your name?”

Who knows where the conversation may go!