Sep 06, 2019

Fall Festival + Friend Day!

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The weather around here certainly does not feel like fall. But the calendar says otherwise — autumn officially begins on September 23. As we think ahead to the next couple of months, will you begin praying for this year’s Fall Festival?

Last year’s outreach event afforded us the opportunity to share the gospel with hundreds of children and families from our community. I am confident that this year’s event on Sunday, October 27 will provide similar open doors. Most important for us now is our prayers.

  • Will you pray that God will bring to Woolsey Baptist Church’s campus every person he desires to be here on Sunday evening, October 27?
  • Will you beg God to prepare the hearts of unsaved boys, girls, teenagers, and parents to hear and receive the gospel message?
  • Will you ask the Lord to protect each volunteer and participant as well as guide the Fall Festival Leadership Team to best prepare?
  • And will you plead with the Father in heaven to plant in the hearts of unchurched people who attend the Fall Festival a desire and willingness to come back to Woolsey Baptist Church on Sunday, November 3?

Speaking of November 3, this Sunday will mark our church’s upcoming Friend Day. Every Sunday is Friend Day yet this Sunday will provide guests a unique day to come and worship Jesus at Woolsey Baptist Church. As you pray for the Fall Festival, will you expand your prayer for the Fall Festival to include prayer for a supernatural work of God on Friend Day?

Praying with you,