Feb 03, 2020

We want to be good Shepherds….


As Pastor Chuck explained during the sermon on January 19, he and the other pastors have been convicted through passages like Ezekiel 34, John 21:15-19, Acts 20:28, and 1 Peter 5:1-4 about our need to shepherd people not only during challenging times but also on a regular basis, regardless of life’s circumstances. Because we care (Ezekiel 34:2), we want to know how you’re doing. Because we’re commanded (Acts 20:28), we want to watch over your soul. Because we see bad examples (Ezekiel 34:4), we don’t want to forget the needy. Because we receive instructions (1 Peter 5:2), we want to pastor the flock among us.

To accomplish this shepherding task, we have randomly given pastors a list of members of the church to reach out to and visit each month, beginning in February. We’ll continue this process throughout 2020. Practically speaking, this shepherding will likely take the shape of a visit with the individual, couple, or family. We will plan to touch base ahead of time and agree upon a good time to meet. During the visit, we hope to get to know you better as we talk, pray, and aim to spur one another up to love and good deeds.

I trust this form of shepherding, which has interesting historical roots (check out the ministry of Richard Baxter at https://www.ministrymagazine.org/archive/2003/11/the-pastor-and-visitation-richard-baxters-model.html), will simultaneously encourage and challenge you.

As with anything, constructive criticism makes us all stronger. We’d appreciate your feedback on the strengths of this ministry and ways to improve it.

May we grow together knowing Christ and making Him known!