Apr 15, 2020

Three Reasons You Should Read Corrie Ten Boom’s “The Hiding Place”


The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom is one of my favorite biographies. If you’ve never read it, I want to encourage you to pick it up (or order or download a copy). It isn’t about a worldwide pandemic, but it does take place during a worldwide war—World War II. Corrie ten Boom tells of remarkable trials and suffering, but shows how Christians can live by faith and follow Christ’s call to love others, especially during challenging times.

Why should you read it? Three reasons:

  1. It inspires courage and love. This book is full of adventure and hardship. In it the Ten Boom family displays what sacrificial love can look like. It’s intense but inspiring, and it will challenge you to love as Christ has loved you.
  2. It shows how God is present in trials. Corrie ten Boom is honest about the struggles. In the midst of darkness and deep suffering, her story tells how it was God who sustained her. The same faithful God keeps His people today.
  3. It is an amazing story. You really will love reading it! This book is very well-told, and well-written. It’s entertaining and moving, humorous and convicting. It will draw you in, and point you out—away from yourself, to God and to others.

The Lord has promised never to leave or forsake all who trust in Him. That was true when God said it, it was true for the Ten Boom’s during World War II, and it’s true for you today who are in the Lord Jesus. During your own difficult days, be reminded that you can trust the One who never changes.