Mar 20, 2020

Stay Connected! Here’s How!

Photo by Ryoji Iwata

Like it or not, our options for being with one another are limited at best while completely restricted for many. As leaders, though, we are called not to bemoan the challenges of the coronavirus, but seize the opportunities it affords.

To that end, the pastors at WBC have invited you to “be the church” in three specific ways:

  1. Connecting with God through His Word in Corporate Worship
  2. Connecting with One Another through Ministering to the Most Vulnerable
  3. Connecting with the Lost through Intentional Outreach to Our Friends and Neighbors

Like executing the first two, social distancing and self-imposed quarantining create obstacles to connecting with the lost. However, as we have sought to think outside the box with the first two, so also we have to think outside the box with this one.

Take a moment to view this video and learn about some practical and helpful strategies to reach out with the never-changing truths of God’s Word to your friends and neighbors.

You’ll find the following resources referenced in the video at the links below: