Aug 04, 2020

Reminders On Serving

Photo by ray sangga kusuma

I’ve heard it wisely said, “If serving others is beneath you, leadership is beyond you.” How true! The statement certainly has a biblical basis for Jesus said in Matthew 23:11, The greatest among you shall be your servant.

What a joy to watch or hear of those who joyfully embrace the role of being a servant at Woolsey. Thanks to each of you who recently signed on to either a ministry or servant team at our ministry fair. Wherever you serve, may I urge you to do so with these reminders?

  1. Depend on the Lord. No matter if we are new or have many years of experience, we never reach a place where we can serve in our own strength. Check out John 15:5.
  2. Die to self. It’s all about Him; never about us.
  3. Dedicate yourself fully. Choose an ‘all in’ attitude. As the old hymn exhorts us, “Give of your best to the Master.”
  4. Develop others. Bring others along on the serving journey. Authentic, honest relationships are essential in bringing others along who will join you in the serving.
  5. Decide to smile. Serving with a smile comes from an awareness of God’s mercy and blesses others in the process.
  6. Direct all praise and thanks to God. Should others seek to lift you up for what you do, be sure to let them know it’s a joy to serve the Lord and direct any praise back to Him.
  7. Doubt your doubts. Sooner or later, you will likely doubt yourself and may give way to believing “I can’t do this!” That’s a good time to recall Philippians 4:13.  
  8. Demonstrate a love for all. Remember the words of Paul in 1 Corinthians 13. Without love, serving only amounts, at best, to noise!
  9. Distance yourself from negative people. “This is a bad idea.” “I like the old way better.” “Why did we change?” “This will never work.” These, and similar type comments pull down rather than build up and should serve as a call to remain kind but stay the course like Nehemiah. See how he responded to negative words in Nehemiah chapter four.
  10. Delight in the Lord. Like number one, to delight in the Lord means we find our satisfaction and value in the Lord which exceeds whatever we do in serving.

As you step up to volunteer or continue in a volunteer role you have done for a long time, which of these reminders do you find most applicable in your life now?