Mar 18, 2022

My Worth Is Not In What I Own

cross against the sky

I want to share a new song that we will sing together this Sunday (March 20). It reminds us why our lives are valuable—not because of what we can do, how long we live, or how many possessions we can accumulate—but we have value because God made us in His image and because He redeems all who believe in Him through Christ.

Here is the first part of the song:

Verse 1

My worth is not in what I own,

Not in the strength of flesh and bone,

But in the costly wounds of love at the cross.

Verse 2

My worth is not in skill or name,

In win or lose in pride or shame,

But in the blood of Christ that flowed at the cross.


I rejoice in my Redeemer,

Greatest treasure, Wellspring of my soul;

I will trust in Him, no other,

My soul is satisfied in Him alone.

Christian, your worth does not come from within but from Christ. How we need to remember these truths every day! In Christ we have infinite worth because Jesus is infinitely valuable. He is our treasure, our satisfaction, our joy.

This last verse is my favorite part of the whole song:

Two wonders here that I confess:

My worth and my unworthiness.

My value fixed, my ransom paid, at the cross.

Check out this lyric video and come ready to sing. See you Sunday!

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