Dec 10, 2021

How to Have Yourself a Very Miserable Christmas

  1. Forget to focus on the birth of Christ and the reason He came.
  2. Try to accommodate and please everybody.
  3. Spend money you do not have for gifts that are not needed.
  4. Forget about church attendance to save your energy for everything else.
  5. Devote extra time to social media rather than your Bible and good books.
  6. Make sure you bring up your problems in each social gathering you attend.
  7. Do not offend anyone by saying Merry Christmas.
  8. Forget about the mission offering so you will have more money to spend on yourself.
  9. Be sure not to give any generous tips to servers which could bring them a brighter Christmas.
  10. Frown at people more than you smile to insure they do not pass on any joy.

Brace yourself for a miserable Christmas; you are going to have one!