Apr 07, 2022

Five Really Good Reasons to Invite Someone to Church on Easter

  1. People are open to an invitation. Some say as many as 9 out of 10 would come if asked.
  2. Easter provides a natural opportunity. Even in our secularized culture, many still recognize there is something special about Easter.  
  3. Some may wonder why you have never invited them. They know you go to church. Could they possibly think you believe they are unfit or unqualified?
  4. They will hear the good news of the resurrection of Christ. The message from God’s Word will focus on the hope the resurrection of Christ brings. In a world where some much brokenness abounds, people long for meaning, forgiveness, and hope.
  5. You will have a part in making disciples. It seems almost too simple. Yet, inviting someone to church may become the beginning of their journey in discipleship.