Aug 12, 2019

Around the World in 40 Minutes

Photo by Kyle Glenn

This past Sunday wrapped up our “World Focus Week,” the first edition of a re-engineered “Mission Conference” that was hopefully helpful and challenging to many in our church. The idea behind the name change was to remind each of us to think less about the events involved and more about our place in the work of missions. What part can you play in the larger story of God’s work among the nations?

One of the ways we posed the question was by transforming our worship center into a collection of booths from around the world. Each represented an area of the world where we partner with a specific family, in addition to one giving the bird’s-eye view of gospel progress. On Wednesday night, we invited the church to take a “World Tour,” walking around the world and praying as they went. Many dedicated creatives from within our church took the time, not only to decorate, but to inform participants and provide interactive experiences where they could touch, listen or read and then indicate their prayers by things like lighting a candle, keeping a picture or even eating some candy. Children were able to move with their families and stay engaged through activities ready at every station.

All in all, it was an impactful journey for many. The answer many discovered to the question, “what can I do?” was to pray. Each of our partners as well as the thousands of missionaries worldwide need our constant support. Staying informed and faithful to intercede for their families and ministries is something each of us can do. Daily.

We finished the week with conversations with all of our mission partners, both live on Saturday night, with Ryan, Harold and Kim and virtually on Sunday morning with the others. Each shared the many challenges but rich rewards of living on mission, urging us to join them. The biggest push came as Ryan passionately shared from the book of Revelation, calling us all to conquer through the word of our testimony. The world needs to hear and so many of us can go.

To that end, the final answer to “what part can you play?” came at the end of the service. 4 short-term mission opportunities will be available in 2019! There is no better first step to taking part in God’s global mission than dedicating a week of your time to seeing it first-hand. Let’s pray for the nations, yes. But let’s pray as we go, church.

To learn more about these upcoming trips, visit our missions page!