Photo by Lisa Emanuel

Getting ready for church concerns more than clothing and shoes. Here are ten ways you and I should get ready for church.

  1. Decide before Sunday morning that attendance at church will have a high priority. You get ready by deciding early on that coming Sunday, you are planning to gather with your faith family unless there are unavoidable and obvious reasons to do otherwise.
  2. Read the biblical text for the sermon before Sunday. You can find the text included in a churchwide email that goes out each Wednesday.
  3. Review the biblical text or focus of your Connect Group.
  4. Pray for the upcoming service and those who lead and participate during the week. We are usually not disappointed when we pray for others.  
  5. Invite someone to church. Look for them or bring them if needed. While all we invite do not show up, you will certainly find it encouraging when you see that person you invited.
  6. Lay out your clothes on Saturday night. This will help if you are getting children ready.
  7. Go to bed earlier on Saturday night. You cannot hoot with the owls and soar with the eagles.
  8. Determine when you need to leave your house and communicate that to those riding with you.
  9. When you enter the worship center, pause to pray for yourself, those around you, and for the preaching of God’s Word.
  10. Open and use your Bible in your Connect Group and worship gathering. Take notes on the sermon. Consider your next step.

Photo by Lisa Emanuel on Unsplash