Dec 20, 2019

Assessing Your Alignment


There are some well-known signs that tell us our car wheels may need an alignment. Some of the most common  signs are when the car tends to pull one way or the other, uneven tire wear, or a vibration in the steering wheel. Any of those will make driving an unhappy experience.

We know how to access wheel alignment. Do we know how to assess our spiritual alignment? The end of the year provides a natural time for considering if we need an alignment spiritually. Consider the following questions and your response.  

  1. Do I consistently spend time reading the Bible and praying? Often Occasionally Never
  2. Do I genuinely look forward to Sunday? Often Occasionally  Never
  3. Do I find myself fighting hard against sin? Often Occasionally  Never
  4. Do I long to know more about the Bible and the Christian life? Often Occasionally  Never
  5. Do I look for opportunities to start gospel conversations? Often Occasionally Never
  6. Does my lack of Christian growth concern me?  Often Occasionally Never
  7. Would those who know me best think of me as a Christian? Often Occasionally Never

The more times we answer “occasionally” the more likely we should get a spiritual alignment. The more times we answer “never” means we are “driving” through life in a way that ultimately will bring destruction. In either case, it is time for an alignment.

The good news of the gospel tells us our Lord Jesus works in our hearts and lives to make our paths straight.

Merry Christmas and Happy Driving,

Pastor Chuck