Jan 13, 2020

A Resolution You Can Keep


Where did the time go? It’s already broken resolution season. Or maybe quickly-find-a-more-manageable-version-of-my-resolution season (“I mean, I only ate 2 cookies when I wanted 3… That counts as cutting back.” *pats self on back*).

We all struggle to build new habits. We may see what those should be pretty clearly on December 31, but they don’t happen overnight. For any of us. Don’t be discouraged! Real godly change is about the struggle. It’s about moving forward with godly grit even when you inevitably fail.

In that spirit, I want to commend a new resolution to you and your family, and help you to see that it is far easier than you might think. And that’s the habit of worshipping together, regularly as a family.

We recently walked through this concept with several of our student parents and are striving for this at our own home. But this is a habit for everyone. From young couples, families with children and teens to empty nesters.

As Donald Whitney explains in the attached video, it’s as simple as read, pray, sing. We’re talking 5-10 minutes, a couple of verses, a short prayer and a verse of a song. A simple coming together at the most convenient time of day for you and your family. And it will reap dividends in your spiritual life. Not in the short term, but over years of trying, failing and keeping on.

The most encouraging part of the video to me, was the fact that this will most often feel unsuccessful, but that doesn’t destroy its worth. Like all resolutions, this one will be a rocky road, but one infinitely worth taking.

If you have a Bible and a living room, I would encourage you to take up this resolution – no expectations attached – for the glory of God in your home. Please contact me if you would like any additional resources or have any questions about what this looks like for us.