What Is K5 Connect?

K5 Connect is a fun, safe and nurturing environment for children, Kindergarten through 5th grade to connect with Jesus and each other each Sunday morning.

To Do This We, We Make a Big Deal About…

1. Teaching the Bible in easy to grasp, child-relevant ways. 

2. Communicating the Gospel clearly, simply and repeatedly. 

3. Knowing and enjoying Jesus every day. 

4. Partnering with parents, a child’s primary faith trainer(s).  

5. Developing meaningful relationships with peers and adult faith trainers in small group settings

6. Promoting prayer and God’s great mission – here and in the world.  

7. Having lots of fun together every week! 

What Can I Expect?

9:20-9:30am: A greeter will meet you and your child at the Welcome Station for check in and escort you to the large group, Connect Zone.

9:30-10am: Your child will be paired with a buddy and join Connect Zone, where they will have lots of fun hearing the Bible taught, sung, and applied in child-relevant ways.

10-10:30am: Your child will move to an age specific Connect Group (K-1; 2-3; 4-5) where they will apply the Bible lesson deeper and develop meaningful relationships with peers and adult Faith Trainers.

Our focus is to lead children to know, love and follow Jesus.