Outdoor Service May 30, June 7 and June 14 (8:30 am)

Dear Woolsey Family, 

Please allow me to share a few details that will hopefully answer some of your questions concerning this Sunday.

  • Where will we meet? This worship gathering will take place in the largest section of our parking lot. (Refer to the map below.) If you prefer, you can sit in your car and hear the service on your car radio at 89.5 FM. If you would like to bring your own lawn chair or blanket, please feel free to do so. We will not set out any chairs. As much as we may desire to see one another, please show love to others by practicing social distancing.
  • Why are we meeting outside? As part of our reentry into a more normal Sunday rhythm, we believe the safest and wisest decision concerning a public worship gathering calls for this format.   
  • Who should attend? While all are welcomed to gather, no one should feel any sense of obligation to come at this time if you are not comfortable doing so.  You should not come if you have any symptoms of a respiratory illness (including runny nose).  Also, please remember that on April 30, Gov. Kemp stated, “To protect vulnerable populations, I will sign an order today requiring medically fragile and elderly Georgians to continue to shelter in place through June 12, 2020.”
  • What about children? For the safety of our volunteers,we will not provide a nursery nor Kid’s Corner. We understand that younger children will not “sit still” nor do we expect them to do so. We are putting together a Kid’s Packet to help parents but taking one is strictly optional. If you need to walk around with a child while outside, that is perfectly acceptable and anticipated.
  • What time will the service begin and end? The service will begin at 8:30 A. M. and end no later than 9:25 A. M. Due to meeting outdoors and the temperature we have adjusted our service times. Remember, no Connect Groups.
  • Will the building be open? The building will not be open which means bathroom facilities will not be available.
  • Are there plans to livestream the worship gathering? Yes. If you are unable to physically attend, you can view the worship gathering online at 9:30 Sunday morning by going to www.facebook.com/woolseybaptist You will not be able to view the service on YouTube. Our current equipment does not allow us to broadcast to both platforms. However, you can access the service through the Woolsey Baptist Facebook page even without an account.
  • What if it rains? The outdoor service will be dismissed. We will livestream the service from inside without a public worship gathering.
  • How Can I Help?
    • Pray for the gathering.
    • Come anticipating a great morning.
    • Love your fellow church member by practicing social distancing.
    • Come to worship our Lord Jesus Christ.
    • As we are learning to do in so many other areas of our lives, let’s adapt to change and even joyfully embrace it.  

Pastor Chuck