What Is a Church Member?

A church member is a born-again, baptized Christian who covenants with a local church to fulfill the mission of the church. The New Testament describes members of a church as united Christians under the rule of King Jesus. By the grace of God, Woolsey Baptist Church strives to be one, local body of Christians joining multitudes of other local churches around the world that represent God to a watching world. Every member of Woolsey Baptist covenants together according to our church covenant.

How Do I Become a Church Member? 

Attending the Discover Woolsey class is the first step to becoming a member of Woolsey Baptist Church. This class will begin meeting on Sundays at 9:30 am and will meet for three weeks.

Our next class begins Sunday, August 15.

The person then meets with two pastors for a membership interview. This meeting accomplishes two purposes: 1) the individual can ask questions about WBC and 2) the pastors can ask the candidate about his or her understanding of the gospel and salvation. 

Assuming the person demonstrates a credible profession of faith including baptism by immersion and no other concerns exist, the pastors unanimously recommend the person for membership by introducing him or her to the church family at the end of a Sunday service. At this point, the whole membership is asked to get to know the prospective member. 

Finally, Woolsey Baptist Church formally receives people into the membership of the church through an affirming churchwide vote during church conference.