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It is our prayer that the Word of God will not only be preached and heard at Woolsey but daily applied to our lives. Talk-It-Over is created by Pastor Chuck as a resource to accompany the Sunday Morning Sermon. Use these questions for personal reflection or discuss them with your spouse and families!

Please do not hesitate to contact Pastor Chuck if he can be of any assistance to you in applying God's Word.

Bold Proclamation-Acts 5:12-42

May 19, 2019


Read & Discuss

Thinking back over the past years, who comes to your mind that you would call an “on fire” Christian? Why would you describe him/her with that term?

Recall the quote from John Stott concerning our guilty silence in evangelism. “Either we have no compelling incentive even to try to speak, or we do not know what to say, or we are not convinced that it is our job, or we do not believe we shall do any good, because we have forgotten the source of power.” (John Stott, Our Guilty Silence: The Church, The Gospel, and The World, (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1967), 10-11) Which do you see in your life as the dominant reason for not being more bold in your witness?           

Why is getting the gospel right essential?

How is your joy? What do you believe most easily robs you of joy?           

Discover & Pray

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