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It is our prayer that the Word of God will not only be preached and heard at Woolsey but daily applied to our lives. Talk-It-Over is created by Pastor Chuck as a resource to accompany the Sunday Morning Sermon. Use these questions for personal reflection or discuss them with your spouse and families!

Please do not hesitate to contact Pastor Chuck if he can be of any assistance to you in applying God's Word.

The Gospel and Loneliness-2 Timothy 4:9-22

(June 25, 2017)


Read & Discuss

Whether or not you consider yourself lonely, what does humanity's need for others teach people about God and people's need for him?

2 Timothy 4 explains that Demas was " . . . in love with this present world. . . " Are there any "Demas-like" people in your life? How can you lovingly avoid being around this person so as to guard your heart and life from sin?

Pastor Chuck asked and challenged in the sermon: "Do you have a Luke like person in your life? If you do, thank God for the person. But, also, be a Luke like person. Be willing to stay with those who are going through hard times."

Who can you give thanks to God for? And who can you walk through the valley with this week?


Discover & Pray

Read the Bible! For those people using the church’s Bible reading plan, visit to see the entire plan and other helpful resources.

Memorize the Bible! Visit to see all the verses for 2017!

Give thanks for a wonderful week at Vacation Bible School!


Sing & Share

Who have you talked to lately about the Good News of the gospel? Who can you invite to church this coming Sunday?


Sing “Our God Is So Big” together with your family this week.

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