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It is our prayer that the Word of God will not only be preached and heard at Woolsey but daily applied to our lives. Talk-It-Over is created by Pastor Chuck as a resource to accompany the Sunday Morning Sermon. Use these questions for personal reflection or discuss them with your spouse and families!

Please do not hesitate to contact Pastor Chuck if he can be of any assistance to you in applying God's Word.

Rescued from Religion -John 3

November 12, 2017


Read & Discuss

The first part of the sermon noted that “A Great Change Must Take Place and You and I Are Unable to Make This Change.” Why is everyone unable to make this great change? What verses in John 3 and beyond teach people this truth?

Reread Numbers 21:4-9. In what ways does this Old Testament story parallel the gospel? What are the differences between the story of the Bronze Serpent and the gospel message?

Read John 3:36 again. What other verses in the Bible say something similar? It has been said that salvation is not automatic and that is true. To be born-again, people must respond to the gospel in faith and repentance. Do you have a relationship with God that is fully satisfying, gospel anchored, hope giving, joy producing, and life-changing? If you are a Christ-follower, what steps can you take this week to increase your satisfaction in God? If you’re not a Christ-follower, will you repent and believe today?

Discover & Pray

Pray for open doors to present the gospel to someone this week and pray for courage to invite him or her to respond.

Give thanks that you could be in church this past Sunday. Pray that you will not be trapped by “religion” but freed to rejoice in the Lord!

Read the Bible! For those people using the church’s Bible reading plan, visit to see the entire plan and other helpful resources.


Sing & Share

Sing “Before the Throne” together with your family this week.

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