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It is our prayer that the Word of God will not only be preached and heard at Woolsey but daily applied to our lives. Talk-It-Over is created by Pastor Chuck as a resource to accompany the Sunday Morning Sermon. Use these questions for personal reflection or discuss them with your spouse and families!

Please do not hesitate to contact Pastor Chuck if he can be of any assistance to you in applying God's Word.

The Approved Gospel Worker-2 Timothy 2:14-26

(May 28, 2017)


Read & Discuss

Pastor Chuck mentioned in Sunday’s sermon that “In reality, every Christian should strive for his or her personal best in serving the Lord and to do so in such a fashion that he or she meets the approval of the Lord.” For you personally, what does your personal best in gospel ministry look like?

The words translated rightly handling in 2 Timothy 2:15 come from one Greek word that means to “cut straight”. What are you doing in your life with your family and friends to make the gospel straight?

The sermon closed with four specific questions: Am I a gospel worker in my home? Am I ‘cutting it straight’? Do I understand that the gospel and the church are welded together? What am I running from and what am I running toward?


Discover & Pray

Read the Bible! For those people using the church’s Bible reading plan, visit to see the entire plan and other helpful resources.

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Sing & Share

Sing “How Deep the Father's Love” together with your family this week.

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