What to Expect

What is the average age of people at Woolsey?

One of the best parts about Woolsey Baptist Church is the diversity of ages. Our church consists of a blend of older and younger people. Whether you are younger or older, you are welcomed at Woolsey!

How do people dress?

Although our pastor will generally wear a tie on Sundays, most people dress more casually. You will see some in jeans and others in their Sunday best. But you are welcome no matter what you wear.

What happens with my children?

Childcare is always provided for children four years and younger. However, we believe that childcare is much more than baby-sitting. Our aim is to provide the best care in the safest environment for your kids while teaching them God’s Word. learn more

What is the music like?

A wide range of music is sung here, including century-old hymns, newer praise music, and modern hymns. Our singing is led by our worship pastor, musicians, and choir. It is most often accompanied by piano, guitar, and drums, along with other occasional instruments, or no instruments at all (a cappella).

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