Music Ministry

The aim of our music ministry is to celebrate and proclaim the good news of Jesus for the glory of God. Each week our musicians and choir play a significant role in leading our church in corporate worship as we gather in the name of Jesus.

What do we sing?

We sing songs both old and new that communicate the truth of the Bible, focusing on the gospel (the Bible’s central message), and that provide opportunity for us to respond to God together in praise, repentance, faith, and thanksgiving. Every Friday we post the lyrics to the songs we will sing on Sunday on our website. Click the button below to see them! From your memory or with a cd or youtube you can listen to and sing the songs together.


Songs for Sunday


We meet on Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8 pm. We sing during the 10:45 am services on Sundays, and also during other special services such as Easter and Christmas. Consider joining us, even if only for a season.


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