Vision - “To Know Christ and to Make Him Known.”

"To Know Christ..."

We believe that everything Woolsey Baptist Church does must center on either knowing who Jesus is or making him known to the world.

Part one of our vision is to know Christ. It is our vision that every ministry of Woolsey Baptist Church exists so that people encounter and know the one, true living God. Learn how we come to know Christ through the various ministries at Woolsey Baptist.

"...To Make Him Known"

The second part of our purpose is “…to Make Him Known.” We make Jesus Christ known through sharing God’s love and the message of the gospel. This mission most naturally occurs through members of our church living changed lives and telling others about the gospel that changes them.

However, Woolsey Baptist Church intentionally goes out into our community and partners with several local and global ministries to fulfill our vision of making Jesus Christ known. Find out how we make Jesus known to both our neighbors and world through missions at Woolsey.

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